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Tony & Elaine

We are Tony & Elaine Dryden and live in East Anglia. We have been married for 40+ years and are very proud parents and grandparents. Being semi-retired we lead a great dual lifestyle spending time in the UK and in sunny Spain.

Unfortunately in the 90's recession we lost our sports retail business. We sold our home to avoid bankruptcy and ended up with no money, no home and a bleak future.

A few years later we were introduced to Telecom Plus PLC and became Utility Warehouse Authorised Distributors. Since then we have experienced a fun & exciting journey whilst building our business.

We've been presented with the keys to our Mini, enjoyed fabulous free luxury cruises, had fun driving the Porsche and have shares in the company which we have received for free. But most importantly through our time commitment and in helping others to save money and make money, we have created a valuable monthly residual income. An income that will continue to grow and, because it is willable, will benefit our children and grandchildren for their future.

If, like us, you are prepared to commit to a plan and put aside some time - it could be a few hours a week, a few days a week or a full time commitment - with the guidance of ourselves and other successful people in the business, you could enjoy the life-style that you wish for.

Whether you are a friend from the past who would like to make contact or you would like to find out how to Make Money or Save Money, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Tony and Elaine
Tel: 01787 461824 /320460
Email: thedrydens@uwclub.net

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Tel: 01787 461824 / 320460

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